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Reliable Research Laboratory is a pharmaceutical research Clinical Laboratory with the infrastructure and personnel to complete the arduous task of reliable and reproducible scientific research. The core participants in our leadership team have been working together for over 22 years. Together we have completed over 700 studies for all the major global pharmaceutical companies. Our staff of clinicians, pathologists, technologists, is complimented with an in house legal team to oversee the regulatory affairs and any compliance issue.


The Principal owner of Reliable Research Lab is a Pathologist with 32 years of research experience, with direct involvement in every phase of compound development. From pre-clinical trials, protocol and laboratory design to front line investigator work. The entire team was handpicked for their life time of contributions to the research industry. Every single member of our staff has been involved in hundreds of complex studies of all phases. We take pride in our practical and proven experience in the development and establishment of safe medicines which have revolutionized the treatment of the most common afflictions.
Reliable Research Lab is a viable option for any pharmaceutical company because of the infrastructure, extensive training and practical experience of the entire staff. There are key individuals in leadership roles to oversee the entire operation. Take the time to read about our team.

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Hugo Romeu , M.D. Chief Executive Officer Executive Medical Director Dr. Hugo Romeu received formal training in experimental laboratory medicine at several prestigious institutions such as Roswell Park Memorial Institute, State University of New York and Cook County Hospital. He has published , written protocols and participated in study designs in all phases of research, from pre-clinical animal trials to late phase studies. Over the last 32 years he has completed 672 trials, the majority phase one and bioequivalence. His clients include the largest pharmaceutical companies as well as local smaller members in the arena.
Dr. Romeu is currently on board around the clock to make sure that Reliable Research Lab maintains the high expectations this industry demands. Feel free to reach out directly for a personal response to any question.

Brief Research Experience Synopsis

Dr. Romeu has been involved in 672 Clinical Laboratory Research Trials over the last 32 years. His experience began with formal post graduate training in experimental pathology, at which time he developed protocols for identification of circulating antibodies for early detection of insulin dependence. From pre-clinical trials to late phase projects, he has a lifetime of direct clinical research exposure. Dr. Romeu has completed studies for all the major Pharmaceutical Laboratories , as well as numerous smaller companies. He can write or develop your protocol, than make sure that any trial is carried out with the highest scientific and ethical standards. A definite plus is the Dr. Romeu is not only the principal owner , but is also directly involved with the daily operations.