Laboratory Services for the Research Industry and Reference Lab Work


Reliable Research Laboratory has become the Industry leader in rapid and secure testing for Clinical Trials. This did not happen overnight, it has taken over 20 years to form the Dream Team Of Laboratory Medicine. Our Lab is unique because of the Physicians, Scientists, Technologists and Engineers that make up our in house crew. State of the Art robotic analyzers allow us to perform thousands of tests everyday with the same speed and accuracy as just a few. The menu and staff at Reliable Research Laboratory is extensive and flexible. We can bring in house whatever the study requires. The goal is always the same, to get the tests performed within hours of their arrival into the facility.

Results are reported by fax, secured e-mail, online or in a hard copy.

Research is our forte, and Clinical Laboratory experience is the vehicle which has made us into the very best at what we do.

RRL takes pride in a personal touch. Every Principal Investigator, Study Monitor or Coordinator is encouraged to call us with any question at all.

You can count on us to be a caring partner in achieving your goals.


Web portal s are secure and facilitated for immediate and confidential report formats. Only you can see your data, and as soon as it is finished it is visible.

Reliable Research Laboratory is a pharmaceutical research Clinical Laboratory with the infrastructure and personnel to complete the arduous task of reliable and reproducible scientific research. The core participants in our leadership team have been working together for over 24 years.


Together we have completed over 700 studies for all the major global pharmaceutical companies. Our staff of clinicians, pathologists, technologists, is complimented with an in house legal team to oversee the regulatory affairs and any compliance issue.

The Principal owner of Reliable Research Lab is a Pathologist with 32 years of research experience, with direct involvement in every phase of compound development. From pre-clinical trials, protocol and laboratory design to front line investigator work. The entire team was handpicked for their life time of contributions to the research industry. Every single member of our staff has been involved in hundreds of complex studies of all phases.


We take pride in our practical and proven experience in the development and establishment of safe medicines which have revolutionized the treatment of the most common afflictions.

Reliable Research Lab is a viable option for any pharmaceutical company because of the infrastructure, extensive training and practical experience of the entire staff.

There are key individuals in leadership roles to oversee the entire operation.